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Initiatives and reports

The perspective of Nordbib is not only that of funding projects. Nordbib also serve the purpose of making cooperation cross professional and geographical boarders. Through knowledge exchange Nordbib will contribute to broader understanding of Open Access and consequences of e-publishing as well as contribute to making Nordic research visible.

The overall goal of Nordbib is to promote an efficient co-operation between the Nordic countries in an effort to strengthen the Nordic countries in a global context. Furthermore, Nordbib is intended to engage in active information sharing with the Baltic States.

As a result, Nordbib's activities should help emphasize the Nordic use value as well as support and co-operate with European initiatives, where relevant. Nordbib may be seen as the link between developments at national and European levels.

Nordbib initiatives as workshops, reports and projects will be presented here when grated by Nordbib.
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