9 + 1 projects

Until now ten projects have started on the basis of a pledge from Nordbib. All of the projects support the objectives of Nordbib in the best possible way.


The first four projects began in 2007: 

  • Aiding scientific journals towards open access publishing (finished)

  • An e-print archive for Nordic arts and humanities (finished)

  • Development of information environment architecture for Nordic countries (finished)

  • Networks and knowledge dissemination in Nordic Asian study institutions (finished)

The first of these came as a result of the call for projects under Work Package 3 with deadline 10 January and the next three projects resulted from the call for projects under Work Package 2 with deadline 1 April 2007.


In 2008 a fifth project started:

  • ScieCom Info - Nordic-Baltic forum for scientific communication (finished & extended)

In 2009 four new projects commenced. One was ultimately cancelled and the rest have finished now.

  • Identifying and explaining digital objects (cancelled)

  • OA-barometer 2009 (finished)

  • License to Publish : promoting Open Access and authors' rights in the Nordic social sciences and humanities (finished)

  • Networks and knowledge dissemination in Nordic Asian study institutions - phase 2 (finished)

These are the results of Nordbib's second round of calls for its three work packages in the Autumn of 2008.


All of the projects come with a self-financing of 60% and Nordbib will be refunding 40% of the costs connected with the project according to a set of guidelines agreed upon with the individual project.


Late 2009 a final project was launched with the title "Retrodigitization of common Nordic scholarly journals." This project will target journals that are truly Nordic in nature and digitlaise them into an Open Access context and attempt to use Creative Commons as a means of negotiating potential rights issues. More information on this project will be forthcoming.


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