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License to Publish : promoting Open Access and authors' rights in the Nordic social sciences and humanities


This project is finished. The final report is here.


Nordic translations of "License to Publish" are here.


Appendix about the Copenhagen case is here.

Appendix about the Gothenburg case is here.

Appendix about the Stockholm case is here.

The hprint.org folder is here.


See also the ScieCom Info article about the project here.


The aim of this project is to promote the principles of Open Access among scholars in the Nordic social sciences and arts and humanities. By providing a legal translation of the Knowledge Exchange “Licence to Publish” document into all five Nordic languages, the project will support the principles of Open Access while providing the necessary legal means for authors to self-archive their publications resulting from e.g. publicly funded research. In addition, this will enable a dialogue among stakeholders on authors’ rights and Open Access principles. Thereby this research is made openly available to the research community and the public as quickly and widely as possible. The goal of the project is to strengthen Open Access to research, and the knowledge about the principles of Open Access. In particular the project will ensure that the benefits of the Nordbib funded archive hprint.org become visible to researchers within the social sciences and arts and humanities in the Nordic countries. Through focusing outreach and support efforts on researchers within a few selected research fields (henceforth “cases”), we will identify and develop communication strategies for Open Access outreach that will be evaluated for future usefulness in the Open Access community. The project will be coordinated and managed by Copenhagen University’s Library Information Services (CULIS), through the CULIS Knowledge Center for Scholarly Communication. The project spans a total of eleven Nordic partners in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Specific goals (project deliverables) The following quantitative goals will be attained by the proposed project:


  • Manufacturing legal Nordic language versions of the Knowledge Exchange publishing license document Licence to Publish and disseminating these to Nordic researchers in general.
  • Manufacturing and performing substantial outreach with respect to Licence to Publish, author’s rights, self-archiving and the principles of Open Access, focusing on a number of cases in the Nordic social science and humanities.
  • Increasing significantly the green Open Access share within the focus cases, by supporting scholars in depositing into hprints.org 15 percent of the annual research publication production within the focus cases (corresponding to approximately 300 full text documents). This exceeds the current world average of approximately 11 percent.


Project manager and managing organization


Project responsible: Bertil F. Dorch

Project manager: Simone Schipp von Branitz Nielsen

Managing organization: CULIS Knowledge Center for Scholarly Communication Copenhagen University’s Library and Information Service


Project participants

  • CULIS Knowledge Center for Scholarly Communication, Denmark
  • The Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), Bergen, Norway (a NIAS collaborator)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway (a NIAS collaborator)
  • Asia Network, University of Turku, Finland (a NIAS collaborator)
  • Lund University Library, Lund University, Sweden
  • Göteborg University Library, Göteborg University, Sweden
  • Stockholm University Library, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Museum Tusculanum Press, Denmark




This project is part of Nordbib Work Package 1.

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