OA-barometer 2009


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In 2007-2008 a research team at Hanken developed an emperical method to measure the total amount of peer reviewed articles published globally as well as their OA availability. In this project they will renew and further develop the study as well as carry out a regional study of the Nordic countries. The Nordic part of the study will answer the following questions:

  • What share of scientific articles published in the Nordic countries is available open access?
  • What portion of the output of Nordic scholars is available as open access?
  • The project will also construct a list of the between 500-1000 scholary journals that are published in the Nordic countries and check their total article output as well as which part is available open access. The project can also see what kind of impact the establishment of institutional repositories in the Nordic countries has on the open access availabelity of Nordic scholary output.

The target results of the project is a precise measure of how large a share of the overall volume of scientific journal litterature is available openly. By repeating a study from 2008 it will be possible to see trends concerning a possible increase in OA. The results concerning the Nordic journals and their open access availability would be interesting information for all participants in the OA discussion.

Hanken and Lund university library are commited to repeating the study in 2011.


Project manager

Professor Bo-Christer Björk of Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland

Project participants

  • Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland
  • Lund University Library, Lund, Sweden
  • Innovation Center Iceland (ICI), Iceland




This project is part of Nordbib Work Package 1.

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