What comes in your mind when you think of hackers? Many will say that hackers are scary and up to no good. Well, this is true. Hackers are a bunch of people with computer skills and knowledge, and they are capable of accessing your data without your consent. I want you to note one thing that there are professional hackers, who do not have malicious intentions when accessing people’s data without their permission. It could be that the government wants specific information about a company believed to run an illegal business. At such a scenario, hackers operate for the right course.

cyber crimeHowever, we have another group of hackers who want to use the accessed information for personal gains and theft. If your information lands to such people, your business and personal information could be used to solicit money from your accounts or to steal from other people.

The phobia and worry that your computer could be hacked must have gone higher after reading the above. But, the good thing is there is a solution to hacking. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the things you can do to protect your computer from hackers. Read on.

Install an Antivirus

Anti virus, computer protectionIf your computer is installed with effective antivirus programs, hackers cannot find their way in. There are a variety of antivirus programs in the market which can help you keep hackers away. If you run a business, you can install anti-exploit technologies to keep your information safe. More to that, you can sign up to reliable online computer tech support companies.

Do Not Use Open Wi-Fi

Online hackers use open Wi-Fi to access the computers of many people. Make sure that you are using encrypted and strong passwords for your wireless networks. Also, make it a habit of refreshing your computer from time to time. Some routers have vulnerabilities, and you might not realize it unless you keep refreshing your computer.

Change Your Passwords Often

Use of passwordsFirst of all, it is essential to use complicated passwords. Do not make it easy for the hackers to guess your password. For example, do not use your name, date of birth, and or numbers 1-10. Also, do not use the same password to lock all your devices. It is not a good idea. If you cannot cram the difficult passwords, use password manager applications. You can as well use two-step authentication.